Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gardening updates

June has been much better than last year, but still too rainy and cool for my taste. I hope July is a lot sunnier. I did get the sunshine for a few pictures today.

Here's J's sunflower garden, otherwise know as summer camp for gargoyles.
He has also been busy clearing more sumac, and we took down our old grape arbor, after we discovered all the green was nightshade and not grapes. The brown area in the foreground is where they used to be.

Our wild flowers that grow over our septic leach field.

Even the animals have been landscaping for us. Here is the hens' dust bath area.
It's right in front of the poor rhody that the deer eat each winter, and is big enough for half a dozen hens to be in there and below lawn level.

The contribution from the dogs:
When one hole just isn't enough.


In Real Life said...

We have doggie-hole art in our yard too - I believe it is the latest trend in gardening! :)

I love the gargoyle summer camp!

Your wildflower field is gorgeous!

anymommy said...

The dog's contribution cracked me up. Now, I want a gargoyle summer camp in my back yard!

Anonymous said...

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knitwit said...

I love how the dogs "help". Mine do that too!