Thursday, July 15, 2010

Torsey Redux

J got home a little early today, and we took another ride out to camp, hoping to visit with # 5 and spouse. But they apparently are driving up after work tonight (for a weekend with sons and grandchildren) and camp was empty of relatives.

Boomer came with us, so J got a chance to witness his swimming prowess in person. The dock is in and Boomer soon got used to the movement and raced up and down between dips. We are on the end of the lake, and the water is very warm now. I pondered going in, although I hadn't brought a suit--Hold on! No skinny-dipping was done-no need to look away from the screen!

Boomer so wanted to jump in/walk on water- he was leaning forward with his claws hanging over the edge. I waited until he was on shore before going in, but he raced back to check it out.
Then back to land to swim out to meet me in shallow water.
I should point out that there are bloodsuckers in the muddy bottom here and I was trying not to touch down. Boomer felt I should be his personal dock, which caused a bit of splashing and franticness on his part.

Note the lovely mud he stirred up? No leeches were found however, and the humongous snapping turtle that lives there was nowhere to be seen so it was all good.

Normally I would not post pictures of me swimming etc, but without my glasses I can't see far, so no one can see me either. What? Ask any cat about that- if they don't look at you, you don't exist. Same deal.

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In Real Life said...

Such a beautiful spot. It looks like a perfect day for swimming! These are great pictures! Boomer looks like he is having so much fun and is so excited that you are swimming with him! :)