Tuesday, July 6, 2010

NOW I remember a good thing about work.

The air conditioning. It was so cold there that I wore gloves and a hat in the winter, but in July, it sure was nice. Except I just remembered that it was too cold to actually dress for the muggies for the drive in, because then I would have frozen again. I think that negates the good part.

Fortunately, the AC in the van was working just fine for our weekend trip to RI, and the weather couldn't have been better to be on the bay. J's family had their holiday party on Saturday and high tide worked out nicely for boat rides for most of the day.

The house is on a cove which ends right beyond their driveway in a marsh, so there is little wave action but a nice breeze. Growing up, J and siblings swam here and I believe even dug clams that were safe to eat! The dogs still swim, and oh, what dogs we had! 4 yellow labs from Florida, one of their offspring who lives in RI, chocolate lab Henry from NY, Mabel from MA, the 3 dogs who live there, Anna who came down with us, and Max, the goldendoodle from next door.
No fights and everyone stuck around, (except for visits with Max to meet his parents) but we heard that old goodie "Mabel, Mabel, get off the table!" (with the second line "the quarter's for the beer" unspoken) more than once. 
That picture looks like fighting, but Anna and Mabel (who belongs to Ms & Mr C) are old friends and that's actually Anna inviting a chase.  The labs would fetch a stick as long as anyone was willing to throw one.
One got going so fast, he actually walked on water!
Okay, not really, there is a big rock just under the surface, but it sure surprised me the first time I saw that!

Lots of family there, cousins from 16 to 37, and a few in the next generation as well. My in-laws and I commented that we were now the "old folks"- how did that happen? I've been coming here for the 4th since 1977 and it really, really doesn't seem like that long ago. Until you do the math.
           She's  waving bye-bye, not "talk to the hand"! 

For some reason, this shelter was erected on the lawn:

                            Then lifted onto the deck:
These brothers found it a lot easier to retrieve an errant frisbee than when they were a couple feet shorter!  Oh yes-the one on the bottom brought his girlfriend and announced that they had become engaged just hours earlier!

It was a very nice day and we even got Mr C to agree to a group picture before they left. He's a tricksey one.
The next day we went to Dutch Island, but that's another story.

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In Real Life said...

It looks like such a wonderful weekend! It looks like the dogs were having a party too, so cute! What a gorgeous place! Cute family photo!