Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Apres Vacation

J's vacation week was not as productive as we hoped it would be. The first weekend was spent in RI at my niece's wedding, which went very well. This is my favorite shot, I don't think I ever saw her smile, but she did a mean stomp!
Almost smiling there, isn't she? And when she gave up, it was suddenly.
Wouldn't it be nice if it was acceptable for grownups to have strollers handy for little naps at social affairs? Mmm mmm.

Then the Rosie health issue sucked up our attention, energy and remodeling budget, so no progress was made inside the house. We did get some gardens cleaned up and lawns mowed, but that was about it. It is nice to see Rosie back to bouncing around- what we thought was maturity was apparently just feeling like crap.

Last Friday we drove down to Sectaur's to help with a couple of projects. We got off the highway as soon as we got into MA, and drove down Rte 1 to enjoy the scenery. I wish we had left a little more time to go further along the coast- it was a beautiful day for a ride. Taking 62 west was still nice, but started getting frustrating as we hit commuter time. 

Sectaur's and his lady friend (who I will call Minnie in honor of her passion for Disneyland) took us out to dinner and we had a nice time visiting. Bright and early the next morning (9ish) the men drilled holes, ran cables through walls and under the floors and installed a ceiling lamp. Minnie and I weeded their gardens and trimmed bushes, so their front walk can now be used without ducking and squeezing. It was a good morning and we were on the way home by noon. So the two ends of the vacation were good anyway.

Plus, we are grand-doggy sitting Mabel while her folks trot around Moldova. Their first night, the hotel didn't have any water, so not as improved as Ms M had hoped! They get back to MA today, and will come up Saturday to reclaim their beagle. Mabel has epilepsy, so we've been a tad nervous about that, but she has had no problems- knock on wood. I don't know if it's a beagle thing, or just her, but she sure does get fixated on certain things, like getting into our garbage can. I found it on top of the kitchen table the other night after J had had enough of the thumping. She also howls when someone walks out the door, even though there is another human right behind her. 

Now, not all of the scratches on that door are from Mabel, but she has contributed quite a few! We've taken them down the pasture into the woods several times and she loves that, though she sometimes has a hard time keeping up.
They all enjoy grazing when we get in the field.
Between the field and woods, there is pond which is filled by drainoff only. The kids used to skate there, but by this time each summer it is pretty low and covered with duckweed. The dogs love it.
Everyone but Rosie- she doesn't do water.

We had a bucket of water and a towel to wash the swamp mud off  tails, tummys and faces when we got back. 3 dogs stood and took it without a whimper. As I wiped Rosie -feet only- she pulled each one back with a wince as if it were acid I was wiping on. Big baby. 
This is what's been keeping me busy and away from blogging.

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