Thursday, September 30, 2010


Kind of a depressing morning.

Partly due to the weather-we had two days of rain, yesterday was a wonderful sunny day, and now we are having two more days of rain, if the weather people are to be believed.

I read the paper and saw that the man from town that killed his mother last year was sentenced to 30 years in jail. He said he got angry when she refused to let him take a trip on his own, and an argument escalated to violence. According to the lawyers, he has "low to normal" intelligence, and his mother  was "controlling" and "treated him like a 7 year old". How sad.

Then I went to my computer and saw a headline about a college student apparently committing suicide because his roommate and a friend had secretly taped him having sex, and then put that online.  Really, people? You're smart enough to get into a college, never mind Rutgers, and you think it's okay to secretly tape people doing anything and put it online?

Then to put the rotten cherry on top of this gray morning of gloominess, Rosie didn't want breakfast this morning. Yesterday I paid the vet for a followup office visit and blood tests. The blood tests were absolutely normal, so her meds seemed to be working great. The dogs had a long run in the woods, baths afterward and all was well.  We (the vet and I) had discussed moving the prednisone from evening to morning, since it caused her to drink (and pee) a lot, so no pill last night. I gave her one today, and I hope the change might be the reason for the change in appetite. I hate to even think about this, but if the steroids stop working after a week, what else can be done? We have already passed the financially sound limit of doggie care.

I have great hopes for this afternoon- that day can only get better, right?

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Sending wishes for a bright, sunny, cheerful afternoon!