Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I love my Rosie

I had to leave Rosie at the vet's for IV treatment today. Poor baby.

She's been under the weather since we got home from RI, not eating (which is a major indicator that she is sick), vomiting and being very lethargic.  I noticed her ears and paws were cold, and decided that if she didn't eat dinner today, I would call the vet. I thought maybe she had a bone stuck somewhere, but it turns out everything looked normal, so we did blood tests. By we, I mean I held her and the technician drew blood. She barely noticed.

We walked around the lawn waiting for the results, which turned out to be kidney failure. Either acute, which means the hydration and antibiotics should get the very high numbers going down by tomorrow, or chronic, which means nothing can be done but hospice-type care. She's just 3, and chronic renal failure is more of an old age related thing, so we are hoping for good news.

I'll pick her up at 6, then take her to the emergency clinic to continue the IV overnight.  I hope that does the trick. We would hate to lose her.


In Real Life said...

I am sorry to hear that Rosie is not feeling well, I am thinking of her and hoping for good news!

Captain Dumbass said...

Hope she's ok.

JFB618 said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed....let's hope for good news!!