Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pretty Sky

After welcoming Rosie home last night, we ate dinner and J decided to build a fire in his new fireplace. He took the camera to document it, of course, so it was handy when we saw the pretty skies.

Notice the pink tints in the clouds? That's not west, that's east and the moon was rising at the same time that the sun set. We had a low layer of dark clouds and the glow from the sun ( and the moon, I guess) was reflecting up. Normally that view would be much darker.

This is the west.

I'm so glad J decided to make a fire, and we caught this beautiful ending of the summer. 


In Real Life said...

Absolutely gorgeous, what a beautiful evening for sitting outside by a fire!

knitwit said...

I'm VERY behind and playing catch-up here. Amazing photos--what a great way to finish off the summer!!