Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cleaning up

This is what I did this afternoon.
Because we are getting more snow tonight. This is a once-in-a-lifetime shot of me on a roof (I don't do heights) but there was so much snow everywhere it really wasn't scary. And much easier than using the roof rake. The east and south sides of the roof are bare- thank you metal roof-and-sun combo!

J went inside for a break after I assured him I would not go near the edge while alone. I took my breather up there because once I got down, I was not returning. As I sat there, I realized just how fast my heart was beating and decided that I  a) better slow down the shoveling and b) not try to clear the entire thing because I didn't want to be the person in the news article that had a heart attack after shoveling and you say "What was she thinking?" 

So now we have a huge pile of snow between the ladder and the railing which gave the dogs a great place to play this afternoon. But I found that Boomer thinks that it makes a handy peeing target as well. Just a step away from the door, how handy!

Our company left Thursday and the house is much quieter now. Sigh. We had a nice shopping trip on Tuesday to L.L. Bean and found a cute pair of boots with a colorful sea turtle design and a matching raincoat for Ladyslipper. Trying to get her to model them was quite an exercise for her parents, who modeled their Mad Bomber Hats too.

One more and I think this may be my favorite one.

Not much else going on around here. Back to life as usual with J. While out and about this morning, he mentioned he was hungry, then a few moments later:
J: " No hotdog vendors out, huh?"
Me: "Are you kidding? they would freeze their buns off! hohoho.......oh come on, that was funny"
J: "Okay that was funny" but he didn't sound like he meant it.
We bought groceries and ate some French bread on the way home.

Last night we actually went to bed at the same time, an unusual happening since J's bedtime is around 7 pm. I had my flannel pajamas and fleece socks on, since I'm always cold. I normally pull the sheet over the top of my head, since my hair doesn't keep me warm (plus then J can't breathe down the back of my neck)but J complains that he gets tangled up in it. I thought we were all arranged and ready to snooze and then I hear: " Mmmhmmmm, I wish you were naked"
My reply: "Mmmhmmmm, I wish you were asleep".


Bruce Coltin said...

I've been shoveling snow off of our our roof for the past few days. I don't like heights either. And, there is something about the shoveling motion that kills my lower back. In fact, the picture of you on the roof is making me relive the experience. I will not be looking at it again.

In Real Life said...

Wow, cool photo of you shovelling snow off the roof! You're brave! LadySlipper is so so so so sweet, such cute photos of her!