Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday roundup of rambulations

Have you ever noticed how automatic brushing your teeth is? No, because that's the point- you don't think about it, even when you want to. The tooth that was removed last week was an in-between one on the side, not a molar in the back that you can easily skip. I had to look at my face in the mirror to direct my hand manually Not To Hit The Sore Spot. I couldn't even zone out while brushing the right side and front, because then my hand automatically zips over to the left side- and I am an enthusiastic brusher! Anyway, no horrendus horrondis painful mistakes were made and we are well on the way to normalcy. Or what passes for it in my mouth.

Speaking of that (and I realize that no one wants to know any more about this, but tough) I still have 22 of the original issuance of 32 teeth, which Ameranth thought sounded terrible. I pointed out that was 2/3 of the total and I have lived roughly 2/3 of my life and while that really makes no sense, it made her feel better. And it's better than not having any-although family members have told me otherwise. Strong teeth genes do not run in my family. Sad face.  Thank goodness we have an excellent dentist, who had better not retire before my teeth are completely gone! I worry because she has already started cutting back on her work week.

Rosie is still being let out back only on leash, since she has realized that she can get over the fence anywhere at this point. Anna could too but has not attempted it- indeed she barked at Rosie and herded her away from the fence during some off-leash experimental outings.

Ameranth is still working and has 40 hours scheduled this week, so she is happy. Tax refunds will swell her coffers and get her to the point she needs to start her across America trek this spring. Oh Goody.

Speaking of swelling coffers, Ameranth introduced me to Assassin's Creed II and I am spending way too much time on the XBox. I like the running around on rooftops and finding the items needed to fill collections, but some of the quests are timed and that is not good. I run off the roof and bump into guards and stab people I am supposed to be only tackling. Oops, sorry Borgia courier. The game is pretty and very historical feeling, starting out in Da Vinci's Florence. Today, we were walking through the Sears TV department and heard "home of the templars" and both stopped, thinking we would see the game playing, but it was a History show. When we saw the city shot, Ameranth said. "Oh it does look like..." and I agreed. Much to our surprise, a salesman behind us asked "What does it look like?" and after jumping we explained, feeling slightly dorky, but he knew the game and agreed as well.

Finally, did anyone watch Jeopardy last night , with the computer Watson playing? I only saw Final Jeopardy, but Watson had around $35,000 and the two men had $5000 or less. The category was US Cities and they both got it right, while Watson entered "What is Toronto?????"  (The question marks were Watson's, not mine) Really Watson? Toronto? Not in the US, buddy.  However the wily machine bet only $947 so he won that round anyway.  Not having watched the whole show, my question is how did they adjust for the machine's (assumed) fast response time to click in? The knowledge might be fairly even, but the computer reflexes have to be faster, don't they?

And hey, we got Valentine M&Ms at half price today- Score!!


In Real Life said...

Yummy - I love M&M's!

No, I didn't realize how automatic toothbrushing was, well...I'd never thought about it too much, until the other day when I kept accidentally jabbing a spot on my cheek that I had bitten in my sleep and was sore.

KG said...

That is why Watson has so much money - it is humanly impossible to beat him most of the time. Ken Jennings threatened to hit Control-Alt-Del to slow him down.

knitwit said...

I wish I had any TV here at all. I keep hearing about this Watson--I had to look up what was going on on Jeopardy! The outside world is moving on without me!
When it comes to video games, I stick with Rock Band and Just Dance. The former requires no coordination whatsoever. The latter shows me exactly how lacking my coordination is, but I get a workout, and it's the only one I'm getting at the moment so it can't be a bad thing.
Have fun with that trim today! I'm moving on to round 2 with the drywall mud. Groan!

Linda said...

Ameranth does Rock Band, but not me. And Just Dance is a workout but there is absolutely no finesse involved on my part.

And... I'm all set up to go paint, yet I sit here on the computer. Go figure.