Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Poster child for PITA

 (as in Pain In The A**)

Rosie told me she had to go out, realllly bad, noooowww. It was 11:30 and I was ready for bed, and didn't want to go out in the below freezing temps to hold the leash for her. Big mistake. 

She did her business as I watched from the door and when she suddenly looked at the woods and raised her head, I stepped out to call her in. Unbeknownst to me, Anna had come downstairs and was right behind me. She slipped out the door and the game was lost. The two raced for the fence and disappeared into the moonlit night.

For the next hour I periodically went to both doors and called the dogs, trying to sound sweet and loving through gritted teeth. At 12:30 I opened the door just in time to hear thundering paws on the frozen dirt road and see them sailing past me down the hill. Some of our neighbors have horses, but those two will leave them alone and they wouldn't be out at night anyway. I just hoped no one's cat would be taken by surprise. If only Anna hadn't been out there, I would have given up then, but I didn't want to explain to Ameranth how I lost her dog.

Half an hour later, my luck turned. Anna was in the driveway! I called to her and she stopped but kept her head turned towards the darkness in the front yard where I knew Rosie was taunting her: "Pussycat! Go home to Mama instead of running free with the big dogs!" Anna caved and came inside. 

I gave Rosie until 1:30 then left a note for J and went to bed. He reported that she jumped back inside the fence and was at the back door about 3.  She slept most of the next day and has not been out off-leash since. I may be slow but I have learned my lesson! 

That devil dog cannot be trusted. (No offense intended to the tasty snack cake)


KG said...

So are you going to make the fence higher for next winter?

Anonymous said...

good thing Rosie isn't here - rather than raising the ground level falling trees have lowered the fences!

In Real Life said...

I never would have suspected that Rosie-Girl could get into such mischief, she looks so sweet and innocent.

knitwit said...

My naughty dogs do this too, sometimes at 3 in the morning. They're lucky they're cute!