Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The drugs wore off

Hmm, after reading the comments I got on this morning's post, I thought I should clarify a minor point. I did get a free milkshake, but not directly from the oral surgeon- he didn't whip it up for me himself. I got a coupon and we stopped at Mickey D's on the way home. But it was free and welcome after the whole "nothing to eat after midnight" rule.

Ameranth was kind enough to be my designated driver and did warn me she was not very good with drugged people. (Perhaps I should have asked more about that, come to think of it) When the nurse told us I could go (which I have no memory of) Ameranth asked me if I was all set, and believed me when I said yes. But she did come back to take my arm when she saw me tilting against the wall, and gingerly escorted me across the slushy parking lot. She took my coupon and fetched my milkshake, warning me not to drive off while she was inside. I do remember thinking about turning the van on for the heat, but refraining because I thought she might panic and run out without the milkshake.

Anyway, the tooth is gone and the estimate they had given me was high, so I paid less than expected (Yay!) It was about as good as a day at the oral surgeon gets.


In Real Life said...

Paying less is good! That is too funny, "he didn't whip it up for me himself" - that would be a coolest dentist!

KG said...

I have to say that there is nothing like a milkshake after having a tooth pulled. I have to pay myself but go to the Creamery and get an Awful Awful - Awful big and Awful good