Thursday, March 31, 2011

10th day of spring, tra la

Look, we have brave little crocus buds:
Sadly, they will be under 12 inches of snow tomorrow if the weather forecast is accurate. 

We have been trying to get the painting done in the bedroom so Ameranth can move in before she moves out for her trip. We sanded the floor lightly, just to remove dirt, vacuumed and rinsed it off. Then it got two coats of paint, which turned out to be a shade very close to that in the other two rooms in the house that had old floor paint. We finally decided on the color for the drawers and nightstand and did those  last night. They need a second coat, then we need to do all the touchups where little spatters and drips have landed. 

The true color is darker, like the frame in the background. The nightstand is from a bedroom set that was J's aunt's in the 60's and was a horrible aged French Empire yellow. Much better now.

Last big thing to be painted was an old brass bed. It was rusted in places and worn in others. So we used Rustoleum spray paint to give it new life, and I think the gray hammered metal will go nicely with the other colors in the room.

It's killing me that I only bought 2 cans and will have to get another to add a second coat to this. And if J doesn't get into work tomorrow, I'll have to wait until Saturday to finish the paint. Then 48 hours before we can put it together.

I shake my fist at you, possible April snowstorm!  And yes, I bite my thumb at you as well.


In Real Life said...

Sweet little Crocus sprouts!
Your room is turning out gorgeous! Wow!

Brita said...

Love the new room! What a nice finish for that bed.

Molly said...

wow that bed looks so much better! the room looks awesome too!