Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nature vs Nurture

I am once again using my family emails as a source of fun. I do enjoy our sense of humor and have to believe a lot of it is in our genes, reinforced by family interactions. Our first reaction to just about any situation is a joke and a laugh, which is not a bad thing, I think.  So here we go, starting off with my father's email earlier this week.

Grampa Bob: Surprising. Several days ago Ma fished out five dead frogs from the pond, laid them in the garden nearby. Picked them up yesterday; they were flat, black and dry. Took them out back and laid them out on some firewood; thought they were too neat to throw away.. She desires to tack them up on trees, whether as trophies or as a warning, I do not know.

Me: LOL- And I wouldn't buy the leprechaun tree face yesterday for J because I thought it was too much!  Reminds me of the time Sectaurs found a hen head and foot after a weasel raid and kept that for awhile. (not indoors)

#2: How about making dead frog wind chimes?

Griz (Montana cousin) : Use the frogs and get Sectaur's chicken head and foot. Call it a native american spirit chime and it could be worth a lot of money.

Grampa Bob: Post Script

   Ma and I have been outside, our pickup duties we were doing and have done.
    I got my first glimpse of her 'saved' frog bodies just moments ago.
    Naw....they wouldn't make good chimes - even with a chicken head and leg.
    Be lucky to get a husky rasp out of them.
    Any other bright ideas??
    But thanks, anyway!

Me: I don't know- if you added a few more bones/feet for the noise and used the frogs as the part hanging down to catch the wind?  Or frog whirligigs!

#5 : Okay, here are the frogs we are talking about - it is a little macabre to say the least... but if you put little bells on their feet maybe some wind chimes.....

Me: I think the worst part would be sticking holes to hang them up. Yuck.

FLAyankee (aunt in FL) : we're at chat and your father just said they are empty shells...........I think a burial is in order..................

#2: If you had another you could arrange them on toadstools like they were playing cards.

#3: OK I say just reconstitute them! you know like instant frog soup or something!
actually a little bright colored paint and they would be objects de art.

Ok big news for me (or I am terribly excited about it!-and dead frogs leads me right into it!!)
M and I attended a fund raiser for nursing scholarships last night and I bid and won a gator hunt in Tx!  I am soooo excited about this- it is on my birthday weekend to boot- which leads me into-hmmm- purse, shoes or if big enough? boots? and then what color?

so anyways- I also get the head and feet- and also plan on bringing meat home too-so if we can combine the gator and frogs- well I think- jeez- no wait Gumbo!

#3 again:  ya know I am also seriously regretting that last year when I had 5-6 big dead frogs that I, too, did not save and dry them. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

LOL Glad to be a source of entertainment/enlightenment for you!

knitwit said...

Ha ha! You have a funny family! We like to laugh at ourselves around here too, and I agree. It's not a bad thing at all!

Captain Dumbass said...

Dead frog windchimes, I'm sure you could find a market for that somewhere.