Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Out of Sorts

We go to Boston tomorrow, leaving J and the dogs at home to deal with each other until we get back Sunday night. We have our Pax East badges, our hotel reservation, snacks and a car full of gas, so I should be happy. I'm not. I'm grumbly and edgy and nothing is going quite the way I want and everyone is annoying me, starting with the dogs this morning right up to J asking nicely if I have everything I need to bring. I blame PTS (pre-trip syndrome) and I don't have chocolate, having eaten it all last night. Not a good thing.

I worry about driving in Boston traffic, the rain/snow we are expecting for tomorrow, how to get to the convention center from the hotel, bedbugs, expensive food, looking silly at a gaming convention at my age and looking sillier trying the demo in front of other players.

I am also excited about going to Boston, experiencing a gaming convention, maybe meeting some other forum members as well as meeting the developers from Arenanet who are making Guild Wars 2, and seeing and playing the demo! We shall also see Sectaurs and Minnie there, and plan to meet Ms. M and Mr. C one of the days, maybe lunch on Sunday.

Off to do laundry after I decide what to bring. Will it be warm because of all the people (all the people!!) or cool because AC will be on to deal with all the people? I can't look cool so I'll settle for comfortable, which is more important to me anyway. No one will care what I look like anyway, so comfort it is. And maybe just a little coolness? *sigh* No. There will be no coolness. But that's okay- I will be surrounded with coolness!

Enough babbling.

It will be fun times. IT WILL BE FUN TIMES. 

"Make it so"


In Real Life said...

I hope that you have a wonderful trip and tons of fun at the convention! I can't wait to hear all about it!

KG said...

Hey - noone is going to be looking at you, they will be looking at all the weird costumes, so just go with comfortable and YOU can look at everyone else! Just don't point and stare and laugh...

knitwit said...

I always worry about every bad thing that could happen and I always end up being pleasantly surprised at how smoothly things run. You're probably having a great time as I type this. Can't wait to hear all the details!!