Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nothing is happening

I got nothing, people.

 J's new schedule started this week, so he no longer has weekends off, which stinks. If he's lucky he will get two days in a row, but that isn't guaranteed. It does happen this week and he will be home the next two days, so we have plans to finish up the construction upstairs. Today I bought more Kilz and another gallon of the wall paint color, as well as the rest of the molding we need. There may be pictures in the near future.

It snowed last Friday, and Sunday, and Monday so I am feeling the aftereffects of using the snowblower.

Oh, I did do laundry- how exciting, right? But lots of it was fabric that I got at the employee store last week. There was a box of "swatches" for .50 each- who could resist that? The so-called swatches ranged from a yard and a half of fleece to the best score: 10 yards of stretchy material, the kind athletic shirts and shorts are made of. Of course, it's neon yellow, but still, how could I pass up that deal?  Now to think of some use for it. :)

If nothing else, J thinks it will make some pretty snazzy ghosts for Halloween. They will practically glow in the dark.

The only pictures I've taken recently:

J does snowblowing too.
           Doesn't that make you want to give her a home?



In Real Life said...

Oh my gosh, she is the cutest, sweetest cat!

That is a ton of snow! We got some more too, I was not pleased to be shovelling again this morning.

knitwit said...

Your life sounds like mine right now. I got the ceiling done, but it looks pretty terrible. I'm thinking of going over it with some of that textured paint to hide the seams! And I'm trying to work myself up to paint the walls later today. And as for the laundry and snow, well, I hear you on that too.
I am loving that cat!

anymommy said...

It's that cute little paw, that's how she gets you.

I get very excited about laundry. Especially when I can see my laundry room floor.