Saturday, May 14, 2011

Color ME spring-y

That's the view I have while sitting at my computer. Even with the gray skies it cheers me up. Maine changes colors slowly from winter's white and spruce green. Maybe it seems a tease to some, but I think nature is afraid of stimulus overload so eases us into happiness after the cabin fever blahs. 

After the bright neon greens of the maple and birch leaves, we get kelly green grass and the yellows of tulips, daffodils, forsythia and dandelions.
(That bush needs trimming, but there are always birds nesting in it, so it goes wild)
It seems like everyone in town has azaleas, with good reason; the pinks they add are beautiful. Ours buzzes with bumblebees.

Speaking of pink, we are just a few warm days away from apple blossoms.
Next will be the purple of the lilacs and the red/pink/purple of rhododendrons, still all tightly closed buds. I look forward to them, then onto the orange and scarlet and white of daisies, zinnias and poppies. But I am content to wait for them as our glorious summers pass all too quickly.


In Real Life said...

Absolutely Beautiful! Gorgeous colours! :)

Bruce Coltin said...

Yes, absolutely beautiful. Can almost make one forget the worst of the winters. Almost.