Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Trike and a Tick

The trike is good. 

We grabbed this at the employee store on our trip to Freeport yesterday. Yes, it's much too big for a one year old, and yes, she lives in Minnesota but, hell yes, it was a great bargain! How could we pass it up? We'll figure something out. J thinks it's so cool that it even has Ladyslipper's initial on it, and he ignored Ameranth when she told him it probably stood for Schwinn.

The ticks are bad.

Don't worry- I do not have a photo of the tick I found on my leg last night! This is the worst year for ticks since we moved here in 1987. (Well, worst for us, a banner year for the ticks themselves) We rarely found a tick on our first dog, Lizzie, but it seems Boomer is a tick magnet. I don't understand how they manage to jump aboard, since he rarely stands still, but they are evil little bugs. 

And I changed my mind. I am going to post this picture labeled "tick waiting for victim" (image taken from royalty free site all legal-like). They wait on grass blades and jump aboard as hosts pass by.
They have to be Super Tick to jump on Boomer as he flies by and to stay on him as he jumps in and out of the water.  Maybe that's their secret: Super powers. 

But they're not cool ones like this guy :(


In Real Life said...

That is an awesome trike! Cool! LadySlipper will love it when she gets a bit bigger!
That is too bad about the ticks!
Hee Hee, my husband and I used to love watching The Tick cartoon! :)

Cid said...

Love the trike. It will last you through several generations. We don't have ticks this far north - yet, thank goodness but am always nervous when I see River scratching.