Tuesday, May 24, 2011

She's on her way!

I drove Ameranth and Anna down to R.I. this weekend to visit family, then over to Connecticut on Monday to my cousin Marlow's house. He's her ride to Maryland as he had to drive to PA for business and generously offered to take her down today. Thanks again!

On Saturday we went to a beach a couple of miles from my folks to get a photo of the pair on the Atlantic Coast, midway up the Narragansett Bay. This area used to be the Quonset Naval Air Station, developed during WWII and closed in the 70's. The airport is still there, but it's mainly small private jets now and much quieter than it was when I was a kid. Most of it is an industrial park, with new cars coming in on huge container ships, and other businesses of varying sizes. The town got the golf course, and has opened several beaches, a boat launch and a very nice bike/walking path. Blue Beach was deserted on Saturday so Anna was able to run free to chase the seagulls.

Ameranth reported the water to be freezing, and the day was not terribly warm, but at least it was sunny. We had not seen the sun in Maine at all, for the past week. Of course, it rained again Monday. Hopefully the weather will finally dry up and she won't be soggy all day as she starts her walk on Wednesday. 


Captain Dumbass said...

It was sunny here just long enough for me to get a sun burn cutting the lawn, now it's cloudy again and threatening rain.

Gr. B said...

Yes, I believe the water was cool! Last report I saw put the temperature in the Bay in the mid 50s.

In Real Life said...

Gorgeous photos!

It's been raining and cloudy here too.

I hope that Ameranth and Anna have a wonderful adventure!

Gr B said...

Belatedly noticed your song bits for the day...for some reason I hum that tune constantly.