Thursday, August 6, 2009

Home again, home again jiggity jig

I made it. Through a week of cleaning, driving, hosting, visiting, shopping, driving, more visiting, and more driving. That's about 10 times my normal activity. If I were an animal, I would be a cat, not a dog, that's for sure.

It was very nice having my folks up here to visit and to go to our reunion. And, with great timing, an old school friend who lives in Las Vegas was in RI visiting her mother, so we were able to get together on Tuesday after I drove my parents home. Another friend, Eleanor, came as well, and we went through our high school yearbook comparing memories and updates. Karen's teenage boys were amazed at how long we "gabbed". Although we don't talk frequently, we always pick up where we left off with no problem. Now that Karen has been dragged into the 21st century, as she described getting a personal email address, we can keep in touch more often, I hope.

The dogs did not appreciate being in the yard all day while J was at work, nor the 2 hour delay in getting their dinner. Rosie told us this by chewing the arm off a living room chair, while J was out mowing the lawn. Bad dog.

Oh hey, we did get our bed problem fixed, sort of. We returned the skyscraper rails and got the basic metal frame that attaches to any headboard. Hah! not ours of course. The screw spaces in the frame do not lineup with the predrilled holes in the headboard. Easy enough to fix, sometime. For now, the headboard is braced against the wall, and the footboard is held in place by a desk we had there. We don't need the footboard, but we like it, both for looks and practicality. The afghan can be hung over the end and our towels hung on the posts.

In weather news, we have had sunshine. That's it- 6 sunny days in August- amazing, eh? My mother kept saying, "at least everything is lush and green". Yes, and that includes our gravel driveway which has almost completely disappeared from view, thanks to the rain forest climate we've had. I wonder how folks in the Northwest deal with the constant gray drizzlies? I couldn't take it for months, never mind year after year. I saw on the news that Seattle area stores had sold out of fans and air conditioners due to the steady sunshine and intense heat wave. Some residents seemed baffled that summer should be so hot. We're baffled that it could be so wet.

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