Sunday, August 9, 2009

Small town Sunday attempt

Wendy at On The Front Porch hosts Small Town Sundays and I am attempting to join in, but I am not sure I will be able to handle the linky part, we shall see.

Our day went smoothly today- mostly. We put up a small shed we had been planning, and all of the measurements and angles came out right. Yay for math.... and measuring at least twice and cutting once.

During one break, I startled J by looking behind him and doing a doubletake- He thought something was ready to pounce, but it was just our neighbor's huge goofy black lab. He was so happy to have us say hello, and offer to walk him home down the hill. His owner was grateful- the dog had been gone an hour and he had driven by several times looking for him. J just thought he was being friendly, waving each time he saw him go by.

Later we turned our dogs loose in the pasture, hoping Rosie would not take off to the woods. She was very good, and thank goodness no turkeys or deer showed up to lead her astray. They found some feathers to chew on, plus a little grass here and there, and came to us to go back in. I am sure this good behavior was just a fluke.
dogs in pasture

It's nice to have a day that goes pretty much as planned. The only part that was not so smooth was J's haircut, which I do. It is not as simple as mine, since he has a 'regular' men's haircut- you know parted and combed over to one side. It's always a pleasant surprise when I get the curve right over his forehead- sometimes it's too short, etc. So, when he got up I saw that it was still too long right in front. Instead of having him sit down again, I reached up with little sharp pointy scissors to trim it, hoping I didn't poke him in the eyeball. Suddenly he bent his knees and I thought it was to see the TV and got mad because I did almost jab him. He got mad because I was and stomped off to the mirror. We each explained why we snapped and storm was over. They pass much more quickly now than in years past! It would be nice to think we have matured, but it could be it's not worth the energy to fight.

Anyway, that was our Sunday- not much about our small town, but I have been stressing about the linking, and hope to do better next week.


Moonshadow said...

Welcome to STSS! I've often wondered about the maturing thing myself. Is it really maturity or fatigue? :)

Linda said...

I've lurked a bit but decided to jump in today- thanks for the welcome.

I think it must be 50/50 with the maturity thing- either way, life is more peaceful now that the kids are off, so maybe that's part of it too. No more teenagers.

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

I'm glad y'all made up! Scissors can h.u.r.t. if ya know what I mean.

And you could have given him a mohawk if he got really testy....;)

Wendy said...

Thanks for joining into STSS! Don't stress about the MckLinky thing. That part is entirely optional. All you have to do is mention the original blog somewhere in the post and link to it. If you don't want to add MckLinky you don't have to.