Friday, August 28, 2009


A long weekend in RI resulted in a low energy week here, so not much to record. I figured I'd just do some updating.

Around the neighborhood, there have been changes since my original nosiness observations in July- look here - but sadly no definitive answers. The hole in the ground was closed up the next day, and our best guess is that they were looking for the septic tank cover prior to having it pumped. We have played that game before, and it is never where we remember it being, although we got pretty close last time.

The house with the opening in the kitchen wall was closed in with a pair of french doors, but with no sign of either stairs or a deck, right now it's a 3 foot drop to the lawn. That one's a slow moving project, unlike the foundation mystery. First, we saw the orange tubing of radiant floor heating, which seemed odd for a garage, but then framing went up. One end is (almost) definitely a garage, but has a wall and stairs which separate it from the rest of the space. Then a second floor went up and now there are roof trusses over the living space. Since it was built extremely close to the end of the original house, we assume that will be torn down later. Still unsure about the west end of the ground floor- living space or more garage doors? Home business?

Another update concerns goodies J brought home from RI. The J should stand for Junkman, since he embodies the statement "one man's trash is another man's treasure". This time it was two garden benches that his sister was going to throw out, but ended up in our van. He has sanded and varnished one already, and it's ready for duty. I am shocked at the fast turnaround!

Last update to mention is my computer. I bought two 1 GB sticks of RAM last month and ever since my machine crashes several times a day. I updated drivers, cleaned the dust and reseated the memory, with little change. I finally took it to our computer guy, who found one stick was bad. Bad RAM! Behave yourself.

Of course I could have paid a little more and just gotten it from TMAC, but I had bought it online. And of course it was over the 30 day return timeframe, so I have to go through the manufacturer, and have to return both sticks for replacement, leaving me with the paltry 768 MB I've been living with. Plus, paying for the return postage negates the free shipping I'd scored originally.

The good news is that I think I'll be getting a new computer instead of upgrading mine. Woohoo! But, since Windows 7 and DirectX11 are coming out at the end of October, I may wait until then, to bypass Vista. J is jealous that mine will be newer than his, but I've dealt with that for 4 years, so he can take his turn now.

End of the updates- except for the weather. 3 weeks of summer is apparently all we are allotted this year, since we are back to temps in the 60s this week. Actually, the last two days have been very nice, but it's back to jeans, not shorts for me.

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therealbobthought said...

thanks for lettin me visit, always ejoy it, that bench sure looks nice, doe J ever do any tradin? jk
junkman myself. always tradin for sumthin
yall come visit sum time