Saturday, August 1, 2009

Family reunion

The reunion has come and gone, successfully by all accounts. The weather was beautiful and with a detour around downtown Rockland and the Lobster Festival, the trip went smoothly.

About 37 people showed up, about half of whom I had not seen in at least 40 years, if at all. Two cousins did a great job of having a family tree put together, plus a slide show of all the extended members. The oldest person was my father's aunt, who will be 99 next month, and the youngest under 6. We had color coded name tags, which were great, and group pictures were taken.

One surprise was J finding out he was related to a frequent customer of his, a cousin I had never met before today. Small world.

All in all, a nice family gathering, one of several we've had this summer with different branches of both sides, and all have left us with a good feeling. We are very lucky that we have very little drama at this type of thing. I know many people who have no family interactions, and like it that way, but I would find that very sad. My sister's 3 adopted sons, all teenagers now, were thrilled to find out about so many relatives they had never met, and to see pictures dating back over 100 years. After being told who was in one picture, one boy's reply- "that's my great- great grandfather?" Yes it is.

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