Friday, July 31, 2009

too short? too tall? just right

So, we decided to get a new mattress. Not that there was anything wrong with the one we had, mind you, but we had a brass bed frame given to us which we want to use as a guest bed. It is a full size, which is why no one else wanted it probably. Since we needed a mattress, I was not about to buy a new one for the guest bed when we have been using the one we bought in 1987. Yeah, I know- no one keeps a mattress that long apparently. We haven't had any problems with ours- it isn't lumpy or saggy and will do fine for guests that we have 2 or 3 times a year. We won't dwell on the fact that it's 3 years away from being technically an antique.

I'm back- I just had to Google antique to find out if there was an age range for the definition. I found this:

Motor vehicles, power tools and other items subject to vigorous use may be considered antiques in the U.S. if older than 25 years.

Not going there.

Our wooden headboard/footboard was made to fit full or queen size mattress, so we were told. The posts do have two slots for the slat hooky things,we measured the length too and seemed all set and decided to upgrade from our full to a queen. We settled on the store and mattress and bought one "in stock" which in salesman terms means we can get it from our warehouse and deliver it in a week. On the day I was going to RI and pick up my parents for their visit, during which they will sleep on the guest bed which currently had no mattress.

Wednesday morning I lugged the mattress and upstairs and got the bed ready for my folks, switched our rails to the outer positions, widened the slats and got the little extra leg supports all set. Delivery was between 1 and 3, and they said they would try for 1- 1:30. J got home at 2, no bed in sight and I left for RI, jokingly telling him not to touch the bed upstairs.

We got back the next day to find a note saying "It didn't fit the bed" and the slats lying on the floor along with a hammer. The 'good' news was that poor J slept on the couch rather then messing up the guest bed. Since our rails were too short, we laid the set on the floor last night and bought new ones today. The new mattress sets are so much bigger than the old ones that it comes up to my waist now. We need those little bed steps!

So. Too short on the floor, too tall in the frame. Do we go back again to the store and get the bed frames that will attach only to the headboard and be lower? I guess we do. What a pain in the kazoo this has been.

I must say the mattress is comfortable but I hope I don't fall off it tonight. Not that I usually fall out of bed. Just saying.

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