Friday, July 10, 2009

It's sunny, and that's a good thing

I was able to use my clothesline yesterday. It's a bit of a pain, since I walk around instead of going through the dog yard to get to it, but I always feel deep satisfaction when I hang something out, instead of using the dryer. Ha, I think, .30 saved, or whatever. It just feels good.

Big doings yesterday, well, in this household anyway. I had company, which means that all 4"public" downstairs rooms, as well as the bathroom, were clean at the same time. Well worth it.

When we moved to Maine in 1987, the kids were 5, 6, 8 and 9, and we knew no one. Of course, we soon met other parents through school, but I am not outgoing by nature and the acquaintances remained casual. Then we met a family who had also recently moved from out of state. The four of us hit it off, and our kids tolerated each other well most of the time.

G and I were both stay at home moms, and it was wonderful to have another adult to talk to. We shopped together, went to school events, volunteered at school and ran the PTC for a year. We were close until life events gradually found me curtailing any activities but work and home. Economics dictated that I get a part-time job, then two when I started working at L.L.Bean during the fall seasons. When that became a permanent job I was working second shift, and J was laid off. Not much socializing going on.

Then teenage children issues, combined with the fibromyalgia and continuing shift differences made conserving time and energy a real priority. Another couple we were close to moved after their son completed high school(he was Sectaurs' best friend) and for the last few years, our "social life" has been extinct.

Then, G and I were in the library Monday at the same time. G saw me and we arranged to visit. I didn't know J was going in early Thursday, so would be home when she came over, but that was okay. He had missed seeing her as well, and we were both able to get caught up with all the family news. It was just as comfortable as it always had been. She and I are both not working now, so are looking forward to renewing our friendship, playing Scrabble, and the 4 of us playing cards. If we can figure out a night where J and P both don't have to work the next day!

Now, I have to go try on clothes to be sure I'm all set for the wedding next week.

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