Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just another day in paradise

Well, even though it is raining again, it's okay since it is supposed to end tomorrow and we'll resume our regularly scheduled summer.

J came home with a lovely surprise for me yesterday. He led me outside to the back of his truck and whipped aside the lumpy cover to expose.....potting soil! He got a pallet full of broken bags for $4.00-about a dozen of potting soil, 6 of garden soil, and 2 each of mulch and topsoil. What a great deal. Picture me chortling and rubbing my hands together in glee. Wait- I just pictured Rumplestiltskin, did you? Not the image I was going for.

Anyway we stashed it away in a shed, and I am all set for my repotting needs for quite awhile.

Since I knew I wouldn't be able to work outside today, I planned on clothes shopping for my niece's wedding in two weeks. I had a top but need pants, or a long skirt, since I don't like wearing short ones. So, all the dressy slacks were not the right size, and the dresses I tried on, um, just no. What's with the mirrors in dressing rooms? They're terrible, so close to you that there is no way to squint your eyes and say, "oh, not too bad". And the light! Totally too bright.

I think most of us have a mental picture of how we look and it's not always entirely accurate. I mean, I am surprised(why I don't know) when I try clothes on and I look shorter and dumpier than when I get dressed at home. My mirror is across the bedroom, and many times I don't have my glasses on, so I look okay. Not up close and personal though! Bless him, J always thinks I look good. Not very realistic, but good for the soul! And the marriage, lol.

So, I decided that the look I needed is 'acceptable'-not stunning, not lovely, (ha- as if) just something that will not attract attention in a negative way. I should be able to do that, right? I did find a pair of black slacks with a slightly flowy look that should do. I didn't want black- it is summertime, after all- but white would be asking for trouble, and that was my other choice. I like pretty, colorful clothes, but this years colors seemed to be mostly shades of brown and/or yellow/green. Who decides these things? Brown is not a spring/summer color. Maybe other people got all the pinks, blues greens, and the browns were all that is left.

Now I just need to figure out the shoe part. I had a pair of dressy shoes that I wore to a wedding in April, but they killed my feet, which puts a damper on partying. Oh well, I still have 10 days to solve that problem. Part of the problem with shopping is that I hate to pay full price, so kind of look only at the sale items. I may just have to bite the bullet, but jeepers, I don't wear this stuff often enough to warrant that.

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