Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What a day!

This was my lucky day at the library. Our small town (pop. 3900) library is open just 25 hours a week, alternating mornings and afternoons. Remembering not to run out of reading material on Wednesday night is crucial, since Thursday is a closed day. Plus, since we have a seasonal swell in population of close to 1000, new books can be hard to come by in summer.

Jackpot today. First I nabbed Lee Child's latest Reacher novel, Gone Tomorrow, then saw John Sanford's Wicked Prey, the new Lucas Davenport book. Checking the new young adult books on the next shelf, I spotted the 4th in the Fablehaven series. I just read the first 3 last month. Yippee! With Always Looking Up, by Michael J Fox, I am all set for the next week.

To finish off my luck, I went to fill up the van, and found the price had dropped .11, to $2.44.9. [ Why do gas prices always end in .9? I realize the psychological value of not rounding up to the next whole number, but really. Do they think we don't notice what they do?]

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