Thursday, July 23, 2009

All the pretty horses

Exciting finish to Thursday. Another horse escape, this time both got out and away. Once again, a kind lady knocks on our door, I stumble through three barking dogs to answer it, and I can't turn the knob because she is holding on to it so tightly. Probably afraid that my dogs will leap out and go the way of the horses, after trampling her to the ground. (We have a sliding screen door to separate the cat from the dogs, and she could see me pulling them back).

Here's a picture- of course the cats are supposed to use a little door at the bottom, not climb over it. And I see J's little skeletons hanging from it, so it must have been Halloween. Which is probably what drew the cats up in the first place!

Anyway, back to the horse roundup. The nice lady points a quarter mile down the road to where she last saw them. We call the owners, grab two dog leashes and set off. Further down, we see a car with it's hazard lights on, so we pull into that driveway, where we find our neighbor, our computer guy. He says the horses headed down to a field,(which has not been cut this year, so the grass is waist high, and soaking wet). Another nice neighbor lady- they're everywhere!- calls down from a second story window that the horses went that-a-way. Apparently she was enjoying the show.

So I slog into the grass, and the guys head back to get the cars and drive to the 3rd point of the triangle. Thank goodness the horses headed back towards me and not away. We met in a very nicely landscaped yard, and I clucked to them- I think they were glad to see someone they knew and came right over. We paraded out to the road, where owners had bridles and grain buckets, plus a policeman who looked about 14 and relieved that he didn't have to take any action. J and I quickly drove home, leaving the horse owners to do any apologizing or explaining.

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Ms. M said...

Those owners should be thankful that you are nice enough to go after their horses! Very entertaining story, especially since I can picture it happening in my head.