Friday, July 3, 2009

Tricksy weather

I don't believe this! The sun came out a couple of hours ago and it finally felt like summer. July 3rd. Well, I figured I should make up for my grouching and post a happy thought. I went to the kitchen to get a decongestant, and looked happily out at the flowers. Walked back to the computer and gazed out at the backyard, awash in sunshine....and rain! It is raining in my backyard, defying the sun! It has been a good five minutes and the west side is the only place it is raining- talk about scattered showers. My house is not that big, people. I feel like that guy in the comics with a black cloud over his head. Oh well, at least the sun is still shining.

In other good news, I found my bank account had an extraordinary amount of money in it this morning! For us, that is. My pension made it to me, so I spent a short period of time paying off bills today. That felt nice. Now we have some money in the bank, and no more credit card bills at all. The car and the truck are both paid for, and hopefully will last quite a few more years.

Plus the new water conditioner is paid for. Oh, didn't I mention that? We have a lot of iron in our well water and had to get a whole house conditioner so that we could drink it, not to mention be able to have white clothing that stayed white. We bought one in 1996, and it died two weeks ago. It went quietly, no fanfare, just an off taste creeping into the water. J and I took it apart and found the motor was kaput, so called the company, hoping they were still in business. They were and sent a repairman last week, the day I went down to MA. After Sectaurs and I looked at houses, he mentioned that Dad had called and bought a new conditioner for $2600. I thought he was joking, until he mentioned that Dad loved the remote.

I called home and sure enough, J had indeed committed to that much money(half again the price paid originally) and his first comment was "But, it comes with a remote". It did make a lot more sense to buy new technology, and I have to say, that remote is pretty cool. It tells us when we'll run out of salt, how much good water we have left, and how much water we have used each day. Plus the water tastes good again. But it was a relief to know we had money coming. And going.

The shower moved north without ever getting the driveway wet, and the weatherman says we should have mostly sun for the weekend. After a wet start, the week should get better, and we should be in summer mode in no time. Yay.

I'll change my rainy picture to a better one for July.

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