Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A fruitful day

Pretty successful day today, in my world anyway. I managed to find G's house after venturing down the wrong dirt lane, and having to back out and turn between trees. Then I made a trip out to get not-so-last-minute items needed for our trip to R.I. on Friday. I remembered all the stuff I wanted, and found just the sort of top I had hoped for.

So, now I don't have to sew the button on the jacket I was going to take! I found skinny blue ribbon to replace the dead elastic inside the pretty little straps on Ameranth's frou-frou dress she's taking to Comic-Con, so that's all good. And, on that subject, sort of, she found a dress to wear to the wedding, but no hat or scarf.

Did I say that she had decided to cut off her dreads, making her sister and me cautiously excited? Our caution was well-founded, as she cut off most of her dreads, leaving "the best" ones on the top, which she has been pulling back in a pseudo-ponytail. Ms. M trimmed the cut part for her, then Ameranth cut it off shorter, and finally shaved her head. Two weeks before the huge family gathering. Yeah, that's what I thought too.

Ameranth: We tried but couldn't find anything to cover up my head that didn't look creepy. So, I guess I'll just rock the dread mohawk.

Me: I have a blue scarf, I'll bring it, just in case.

Ameranth: Okaaay. But at least the dreads are pink, so they'll go with my dress.

Back in the day:
Shoeshine, Ameranth, Ms M and Sectaurs

Well, at least they pay for their own clothes now.


Wendy said...

You can't make a post like this with a "before" picture and not have an "after" picture! We want to see the pink dread mohawk! :D

Linda said...

Who wouldn't? I must admit to mixed anticipation and dread (no pun intended), but pictures will be taken!