Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Eyes in the back of my head

All parents have them, right? Those mysterious eyes in the back of your head that see what kids are doing, even upstairs or in the way back of the car? Well, you can see mine now.

That's what it looks like anyway. I was cutting my hair this morning and the attachment came off the clipper at the back of my head. First thought, "that probably doesn't look good". The mirror confirmed that it was indeed a very visible patch of extremely short (as in not there) hair and very white skin. Bummer.

I have always told my kids, "Hair grows back". This was my response to any botched haircut, bad perm, or bad decision. But, family reunion in 4 days- even my hair doesn't grow that quickly. So, I mowed the lawn today, hoping to tan the spot so it doesn't glare quite so much. J says it's still white.

Some of the relatives going to this reunion I have not met, or if I did, I was too young to remember. Not that first , and probably only, impression I was hoping for. Oh well, that's the way it goes. I can wear a cap, I guess. At least I have my sparkly earrings to show I am a girl.

Speaking of earrings, I figured I'd remove them to make sure they were healing alright. They seemed to be, but one was a little swollen, although that could be because Rosie jumped up and hit it the other day. Removed them just fine, looked good, and went to put them back in. Memories of helping the girls had prepared me for a little difficulty and I managed the right ear. However, I could not get the left earring at the correct angle, and couldn't see it in the mirror so kept jabbing around the middle of the lobe. Yuck.

J, like many men his age anyway, had very little to do with any icky stuff with the kids and to this day I get to clean up the dog barf and/or poop. So, he was not happy when he had to poke the post through for me. He did it, and walked out saying "Don't ever take them out again". Okay, hon.


mrsb said...

Maybe a little bronzer on the spot?

Or you could just go for silly and draw a happy face back there!

Linda said...

I thought about the bronzer- It's not a big spot and wouldn't show as much if it wasn't so white. But with my luck, it would turn orange and be even worse.

I think I am going for the "what spot?"