Saturday, July 4, 2009

new quote

Sectaurs told me of an addition to a familiar quote, which makes it sound much better:

Jack of all trades, master of none,
offtimes better than master of one.

I really like this because J is certainly a jack of all trades, which is very handy to have around. He does all of our electrical and plumbing work, can do carpentry, painting and window glazing, maintains the mowers, saws and tools, and can name the size and type of a screw at a glance! A true renaissance man.

The only thing he doesn't do anymore is cars. Computers are more complicated than carburetors were. Although he has done emergency repairs with success, he does not enjoy automotive work.

The couplet came up because I used it in reference to Sectaurs- just the jack of all trades part- because he is used for different things in his job. In the computer gaming industry, it is usual to be a specialist, I gather. As in modeler, animator, UI, effects or environment artists, etc. Sectaurs was self-taught, did some free-lance work, then was plucked from our home for a job as a result of his networking on various artist's forums. Not the usual tale.

So, when a recent interviewee asked what each person's role was, Sectaurs was stumped. He's working on particles now, so she said"oh, you're the effects artist?" No, just doing that at the moment. He has designed and modeled weapons, user interfaces and landscapes. Making monsters is what he likes to do. He did some concept art and they even had him working on the time line schedule. He can jump in and help with almost every art department, and that, in my opinion, makes him a very desirable employee, and definitely a chip off the old block!

Actually, since I am bragging to myself, I think all of our kids are excellent employees- they work hard, don't need to be micro-managed and make themselves useful outside of their position. Way to go, offspring!

(Not to mention that of course they all know the best way to do something. I must admit that is from my side :/)

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