Sunday, July 12, 2009

Slowly I turned, step by step

The past two days have been pretty non-productive on my part, due to lingering effects of my burst of cleaning and socializing. Fibromyalgia can be unpredictable in that any given day can be painful and achey, and the next one pretty much fine. I don't do well in wet, cool weather (hello June) but on good days I can get going then feel it the next few days.

I don't know if it's typical, but my major aches tend to settle in one part of my body for months, then migrate to another for an extended stay. Maybe because I end up favoring the hurtful part? Who knows? Anyway. my elbows hurt now. I asked the doctor about arthritis, and he said that's about the last joint to be affected, so no, I guess it's just the FM. It's hurts more if I try to pick up, say, a glass, so it does get in the way.

And then there's my back. I along with millions of others, have had lower back issues for years. Periodic visits to a chiropractor usually gets it back in place and life goes on. Last November, when I developed the trigeminal neuralgia in my jaw, I also threw my back out of whack, or so I thought. After months of painful sitting, standing and lying down- which covers about all I do with my body- I realized it was not my sacro-iliac, it must be FM, and this is the biggest pain in the butt ever (yes, pun intended).

Before that, I was happily walking Rosie every day, and had even progressed to jogging for short distances so she could lope along. Now, on a very good day I can sort of go faster than a walk, but not often, What a bummer.

I should just delete this post, but I won't for now. The sun is out and we need to wash dogs and put up a little shelter for bikes, which I don't know now if I will be able to use! I got a 3 wheeler from my father, so maybe that will work out. We'll see.

Ouch- sudden mental picture of me slowly pedaling along on a tricycle. I thought originally that I could use that to let Rosie run and I could keep up. Well, we'll see.

Hey, on the plus side, I did get an outfit together for the wedding, found shoes, and we even bought a new belt and tie for J.

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