Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Three Dog Night

Actually, it will be a three dog week since Anna is staying with us while Ameranth goes off to San Diego Comic-Con with Sectaurs. We stopped by to pick her up yesterday on our way home from RI, and so far, so good. A little snarling and pushing as the pecking order was established, with Anna pouting a bit outside by herself. ("No, I won't come inside where I'm not wanted. I 'll just lie down way out here by myself until some one misses me and calls me in- by name-several times") But we're all one big happy family now.

And, since Ameranth gets home Monday, but has to get back to work immediately, I offered to deliver her dog, rather than wait for her to get a free day. I'll drop off the dog in MA, drive down to RI, spend the night with my folks, then bring them back to ME with me. We will go to a family reunion on Saturday, then I will drive them back home again. Might as well take advantage of not working!

Speaking of not working, I got a call today from my former employer asking if I wanted to work this fall as seasonal help. They always ramp up for the fall/holiday season and lots of people around here count on that for extra spending money. In these times I am sure that for many it will be money for necessities, not extras. I said I would, and have an appointment in a week or so to fill out paperwork, and find out when they want me. I am thinking October. So, feeling less guilty and can enjoy the time off again.

Let's see, last note to make is that I have finally found a new computer chair that works for me. I think I have bought and returned 4 over the last year or so, never finding one that will fit my desk and has arms that are where I want them. We saw a monitor for sale at Staples, and I lucked out with the chair as well. The monitor was for J, since I had received a new flat screen one for Christmas last year. J still had the huge CRT style that we both used for the large screens. Nice to have some available real estate on the top of the desk again.

A bizarre thing at Staples- All of the monitors on the display shelf had the normal desktop icons, as well as a large drawing of a rooster. They also had the words "I (heart) cock. What?!? I thought some kid must have come by and fooled around with it, but then the salesman says to us, "like my drawing?" Um, what to say to that? Lucky us, he was the chair salesman too.

Now to give him the benefit of the doubt, he did have to wander around the store to find his glasses, and maybe he didn't know what a heart meant, and maybe the C looked liked an L and he thought someone liked a lock. And then I think, do I just have a filthy mind? It bothered me all the way home, so I called the store to let them know about it. The nice girl was very apologetic and said she would check on it. Weird.

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mrsb said...

Good heavens! What a weird thing to do at his job! I would have called the store, too!