Monday, July 20, 2009

Who's your Mama?

No, my children know those are their aunts, but strangers are having a problem telling us sisters apart. At the wedding Saturday, one very friendly man came up to shake my hand and introduce himself as an uncle of the groom. I reciprocated with the info that I was an aunt of the bride.

"Oh, you're not the mother?"

Apparently he had been told to look for a woman with very short hair, and chose the wrong one of the 3 of us. Perhaps he was told to look for the good looking one. HAH, as Alf would have said.

We had a very good time: the ceremony was very nice, and very short; the weather cooperated; the food was good, the beer was free, and the dancing was energetic.

Ameranth and her Dad during an Irish jig:

Ameranth gave us several options for her hair- we chose the pulling-back-hiding-the shaved-parts , but she modeled the dread mohawk the next day. I particularly like the juxtapostion of her hair, and the "nature" shirt.

Ms M always looks lovely, and so well put together. She was consulted via cell phone about the shoe selection, since Ameranth does not buy "fancy" shoes. Ms M is a shoe expert and has the collection to prove it.

And a final one of the two of them and another cousin, trying to ignore the fact that my elderly camera takes awhile to actually take the photo.

We were all disappointed that Sectaurs didn't make it down, as he was under the weather. I was looking forward to seeing his dress-up clothes (and him, of course) since Ms M had advised him as well.

What would a wedding post be without a bride picture? Here's E with her stepfather and her dad, who walked her down together. Very touching, especially since her dad suffered a head injury years ago, and has some difficulty walking.

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mrsb said...

Sounds like a beautiful wedding!