Sunday, July 12, 2009

Clean dogs- worth the trouble?

We have two clean and excited dogs now. It was Boomer's first bath, here anyway, and he just froze, which made it easier. Usually as soon as we hold his collar, he is twisting and leaping to escape, or mouthing(biting). It's not like he is trying to hurt us, he just uses his mouth anytime he is excited, which is whenever he is awake.

I was relieved to not see any fleas dropping off in the tub, because Boomer's been scratching lately. The hand-held shower came in very handy as well. Afterwards, we applied the anti-flea and tick stuff, so they should be good to go for visiting next weekend.

We also finished up the gate to the doggie time out yard, so yay for us! J is vacuuming the van and then we are having shish kebabs for dinner. I'm not supposed to eat after 8 tonight, for a cholesterol test tomorrow, so we shall see how that goes. No Coke may make it an early evening.

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