Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bad day for Ameranth, and by extension, me

 I woke up to Ameranth's phone call saying her car had been vandalized last night. If you want a visual, go here:
sad picture 

All 3 windows on her driver's side were broken, and the mirror was hanging off the door. Her apartment has no parking attached, and she has to use a municipal lot in back. But this is a small town, and she hasn't ever had problems before.  The policeman she flagged down suggested it may have been due to recent 'unrest' between townies and out-of-state workers on a nearby store.  The state in out-of-state? Yes, you guessed it, Maine.  So they may have seen her license plates and reacted rashly.

So, the next sad part? This was her day off, and she intended to register her car and get it inspected to be all legal and MA proper.  One day too late. 

The next sad part is lack of insurance- apparently we each thought the other was paying the bill, and didn't question the lack of said bill. All I can say is ADD, lack of health insurance and lack of medication makes Ameranth's life interesting.
I have no excuse.

Good news is a nearby salvage yard had all three windows available, so that will help a lot with repair costs.  And, maybe the repair shop will also do the point-by-point inspection she needs. It would be nice to have something go smoothly for once.  Crossing my fingers.

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Janie at Sounding Forth said...

What a horrible thing to happen! I feel for y'all!