Wednesday, September 30, 2009

End of September

If I've got my dates right, this is September 30, and I feel winter closing in on me. I am trying to squeeze as many outdoor chores as possible into the remaining nice weather. And my definition of nice has shifted into fall mode. If it's not raining, and I only need a windbreaker, then the day qualifies.

So, today just a few pictures to update.  Our Jerusalem artichokes are all abloom, and it's so nice to see the vivid yellow patches around the yard. We look forward to seeing them each fall, but know that they are the last hurrah.
Hmm, you may want to clicky on the picture to make it bigger. I'll add a closeup.
These were growing in our backyard when we moved in, and we have transplanted them around the edges as we landscape different areas.  They have skinny tuber roots that are edible, and used to be grown in vegetable gardens. I guess people do still grow these to eat, but we have never tried them.

We also had a couple of rows of raspberries in the garden that came with the house. They had been neglected and we ousted them. However, the birds have made sure that they grow wild and after we had to remove our old barn, a new patch grew up in the fill.

It didn't bother us, so we left it for the birds, but now we want to put a new building there. I had posted an offer for free bushes on Craig's list, but although I got replies, no one ever showed up to take any. So, we are ripping them up, and it takes longer than I anticipated. This was yesterday's result:

Do you see the garden fork in there for perspective?  The patch is about 20 feet wide by 35 feet long.  A lot of raspberries- I hate to kill perfectly good plants, but I am not about to replant them all. We'll dump them in our 'trash' compost pile and may the strongest plant root!

Still working on the front door scraping as well- Got most of the sides done, I need to haul a stepladder out there and get the top done now.

We have just the slanty handrails left to do now on the other steps.

One more colorful photo to wrap things up.

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Anonymous said...

The Jerusalem artichokes you sent this way have been blooming brightly for a couple weeks; on the down swing now. Ma says they are listed in her book as wild flowers, which is fine by her.