Monday, September 14, 2009

Words of advice inspired by Meatloaf and Paradise by the dashboard lights

You've decided today is the day. A lot of glances have been cast, and now is the time to follow up.

Choose your starting point and go slowly, exploring cautiously. Things are going well, and the response is positive, but don't get too enthusiastic yet- It gets tougher. Try switching to a different area if you get bogged down, then go back to try again. It seems as though ignoring the exposed parts for a little bit makes it easier when you go back.

Well into it now, protection may cross your mind. Why didn't it earlier?! It is obviously not the first time, but just as obviously it has been quite a while since the last encounter. How dangerous can it be, really? Carry on.

Firm strokes make a lot of progress in the beginning, but to finish the touch needs to be gentler. Too much force now can cause lasting scars, difficult to smooth over and you will always see them, even if no one else does..

If you get to the point where you just want to rush and finish, back off.

Rome wasn't built in a day.

If a thing is worth doing, it's worth doing right.

It's always easier if someone else is helping you.

And, unfortunately, the damn door frame will still be there tomorrow, but you got a third of it stripped today.


Dan said...


Sorry to comment off topic to your post, but are you serious about the "hen" we have? If so, contact us at henbogle at gmail dot com.


Anonymous said...

Looks good so far!!