Saturday, September 26, 2009

The best part of waking up- wait, there's a good part?

Shoeshine is in RI, and Ameranth went back to MA last night, so today should be back to normal.  Besides the company, this week has been wacky, because J had to work last Sunday, which made this a 6 days-in-a-row week. So I have been a day ahead of reality all week.

But weekend mornings are a pain anyway. Everyone's schedule is off, including the dogs. Work days, they get out to pee if necessary at 4 when J gets up, then they wake me about 7 and get put outside until I get up @ 9.  (when Rosie urgently wants to come in for her morning nap on the couch)

But Rosie wakes me up early because J can't hear her rattling our doorknob, which she does instead of barking or whining. Hit the knob with her nose, rattle, rattle. Wait 30 seconds, rattle rattle. (Boomer sleeps in his crate and just whines a little while he waits for Rosie to secure his release) So, I let them out, and go back to bed. Another hour of sleep and the barking begins. Rosie must have something Boomer wants and he's complaining. We both ignore them, and try to get more sleep.

Except J nudges me every time I snore breath too loudly, until he gets me so I wake myself up to stop me! He does not wake up when I return the favor. After that the only part of me that goes to sleep is my right arm, repeatedly.  I get a little more snooze time after J arises, but then I feel guilty about it because he's waiting to get going on our weekend chores. A little guilty. But, I deal with that.

I certainly love and appreciate J (and the dogs) and would not want to be without them (well, maybe the dogs, sometimes) but I must say weekday mornings are less stress, and all about me!

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Janie at Sounding Forth said...

Since I've been off work, I've enjoyed weekday mornings, as well.

I so totally get you.