Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Got the green light...well, the orange tag

I went down to the town hall and got our building permit for our new shed today. We are good to go.  Since we first started this project, it has been changed from a do-it-yourself garage to a pre-built workshop.  Finances and a reality check on our actual construction speed/stamina resulted in ordering a 14x24 building. Which hasn't been ordered yet, since there is a non-refundable deposit due, we wanted the permit in hand first.

Next up, order it and get the site ready in the 4 weeks we have to wait. The raspberries are down to a small 8x8 remnant and then we get the gravel base in and leveled.  Finances once again dictate that we will probably be spreading that ourselves, unless we are pleasantly surprised with a price quote.  Not likely.

Now J and I amuse ourselves by discussing size and placement of various workbenches. It will be so nice to have each saw ready to use without having to move the others out of the way first.

J will be in heaven with all the empty wall space.  The attached shed we have been using for tools is stocked like a hardware store. Shelves of screws all in little boxes, flat head, round head, machine and wood screws. Nails from brads to 16p, steel and galvanized. Screwdrivers- straight slot and phillips head- so many of those I don't know why he gets upset when I use one to pry something open!  When all of this stuff gets moved to the new shed, we should actually be able to park a car in there if needed. 

Let the fun commence.

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Janie at Sounding Forth said...

I want a storage building. That would be sweet.