Monday, October 19, 2009

Made it through 2 days of work

That sounds pitiful- 2 days! Well, it's really 2 nights and it was stressful going back to do a job I hadn't done in, oh, 14 years or so. Going well, thank you, and as of 11/6 I will have a 2 hour refresher class and head back to the research area. Which, I belatedly realized means that I can't take the first ending date before Christmas, but will be staying until maybe mid-January.

Sunday night was my first shift on the phones (7:30pm to 1:30pm) and was not all together comfortable. Rather than lactose intolerant, my body is lactose fickle, and it turned out that banana pudding an hour before leaving was not a good idea.
My children have let me know that their father did indeed sing around the house, while I was gone. Hmm. So they had wonderful fun times while I was working and I should feel insulted? Hmm, not good.
Upon further investigation, it seems there was usually a musical device involved, instead of a cappella warbling. Although the reports of "Sixteen Tons" singing while dish washing may have been true.

He also sang a song he swore was by Elvis Presley,  Big Boots but no one else seemed to know the song, until he asked his eldest sister years later and she backed him up.

Lastly, when he bathed the kids, he always sang as he toweled their hair dry. No specific tune, just la la la la la.  (I think he started doing that to drown out the protests over hair snarling, etc)
The weather was not quite so cold today, and I figured I'd get a start on moving the mountain of gravel. Yeah, so that didn't last more than 10 minutes. I think we'll be calling our computer guy, who also has a backhoe (love living in the country) and pay him the $30 for an hour's worth of spreading. Probably take only 20 minutes tops.
J has been getting his Halloween stuff out, and every day after work, he usually gets one more mask or dummy in place. It's a little creepy, sort of stop-action decoration. When I go out I get a feeling like something is different, but what? The guys are closer to the door every day. I'll have to get some photos tomorrow.


Jeanne said...

Visiting from Pearl's -- mostly because I saw that you, like me, are 55.

Double-nickels. Not such a bad age -- the senior menu at some restaurants is now at the tip of our fingers!

Now I need to go back and find out why your worklife has changed....

Molly said...

I told Dad that he should make it a contest. Every day you have to guess which Halloween decoration/dummy is new and you can win prizes!