Wednesday, October 28, 2009


From my computer I see yellow; my garden is shutting down for the winter. Yellowing hostas, lilies and maples(because our Norway maples not only are invasive plants, but turn only yellow, not multi-colored like normal maples). Two mums are still going strong and add a purple and orange splash.

As I drove into Augusta yesterday, I noticed the wind and rain had stripped the early colors and we had moved into the second stage of fall foliage. If the maples, sumacs and burning bushes are glowing jewel tones, the oaks and birches are burnished metals. Tarnished brass, warm bronze, dull gold and deep copper are the colors of my outdoors now. Soon, it will be just grays,browns and black against either brilliant blue skies, or swirling white. Or a soft woolly gray day like today.

And while I am always sad to see the warm weather go, there is satisfaction in buttoning up the house and yard for another winter. Cleaning up my gardens and looking forward to next spring. Closing the storm windows and putting up winter drapes to make home snug. Making the first beef stew of the season, and freezing some to bring to Sectaurs in his new house. Making apple squares instead of apple pie (pie is easier) because my family likes them better.

I need to focus on the things I like because it is too easy for me to slide into semi-hibernation and depression in the short days of winter. Luckily, I have dogs who insist on making me laugh and get up, if only to let them in and out several times a day.

Speaking of which, the view from my computer now includes a big black head, woo-wooing at me mournfully. Rosie wants in.

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