Saturday, October 3, 2009

Yes, really

If you saw my last post, you know Boomer had ripped open the cushion on my porch glider and started on the foam layer underneath.  I cleaned it up and thoughtfully left the flat foam under the old slipcover for the doggy comfort. (I would like to make plain that the dirty slipcover was for the dogs, so that the cushions below stayed clean for human use. Sadly, the cushions are no more)

Now, I would like to say Boomer is a slow learner and that I was too optimistic thinking he had all the fun possible already and would appreciate the cover over the springs. But, maybe I am as slow as he is?

This is what we found tonight after it got suspiciously quiet outside:

Boomer tried to look dignified as we got the camera, laughing unmercifully. We got him out and he went off to bed in his crate.

Everything gets cleaned up tomorrow. Unless it rains.

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Girls said...

lol! Was he stuck? He and Mabel could get in a lot of trouble together.