Friday, October 9, 2009

She wanted to do it, honest!

Sorting through some family photos this week, I came across some from the way-back machine.  I was five when these were taken, fifty years ago. Wow, that sounds old when it's written down. It doesn't feel like that long ago. Anyway.

We often dug holes and played with water, but it was supposed to be out in the backyard, over where the sandy soil was. Not at the edge of the driveway where the hose was handy. I do have a vague memory of this, and the most important part is that we (my brother, #2, and I) were happily digging our mud pit, when #4 asked to go in it.

 Nevermind that she was about 18 months old, she was always a clever little thing and knew what she wanted. What were we to do?

My mother thinks we should have said no.

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Pearl said...

I think that's great. More siblings should spend time being covered with mud. :-)

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