Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What is it, girl? Timmy's in the well?!?

A wee flutter of excitement here this evening, involving (what else?) the dogs.  We heard frantic barking outside, which usually means someone is daring to walk by on the road, and the animals are warning them to keep off the grass. J went to call them in, and Rosie came galloping into the living room where I was reading.

Just Rosie, and I could still hear Boomer's high pitched yips. I asked Rosie what was going on as she leapt up at me, and turned in circles. When she kept this up, I stood up and her gyrating became more urgent. This is a big lanky dog whose jumping resembles that of a cow. Have you ever seen a cow suddenly run and kick up it's heels? No, well, it doesn't happen often because they look like fools! Rosie obviously wanted me to go outside with her.

We met J coming back in and he informed me that Boomer was outside barking at something. I told him Rosie had already told me that he needed help. Sure enough, Boomer had gotten himself inside the fenced garden area, where they are forbidden to go. Rosie had already been scolded for being in there earlier. The fence is 24 inches high and Boomer, unlike Rosie, can jump twice his height and twirl about at the same time. His captivity was purely psychological (he must have climbed over a board that was leaning up against the chicken wire) and I had to go lift him out.

Both dogs did happy dances and were sent to bed.

No pictures due to the rapid development of events.

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Janie at Sounding Forth said...

Oh, Lord. It's always something with wonderdogs, isnt' it?