Sunday, May 2, 2010

I'm pooped

The weather was great this weekend and we made the most of it, starting several projects and even finishing some! It was cleanup weekend at our transfer station so we got rid of a big old monitor and some more random demo stuff, at no charge.

J mowed the yard and we cleaned up the winter mess from our porch. We had stacked and covered the furniture last fall, and I brought a bale of hay out there, to make a wind break for the dogs. They loved that and had the hay all over that end by spring. The hay is gone and the furniture now usable again. By humans that is- Boomer had climbed to the top of the stack and claimed that perch for himself all winter.

We installed two trellises out front and I untangled the rose branches to cover one side.

See that post in the back? Yes, the crooked one. That sucker bowed so badly over the winter that we should string it. After pondering several fixes for it we said the heck with it and just dealt with it as it was. I figure for most of the last 20 years no one could see our steps, or use them safely, so this is miles ahead of what we had.

I moved one 'baby' rose plant to the right side of the trellis, so I hope it lives well and prospers there.

This is an old-fashioned rose called Seven Sisters and it has small clusters of pink flowers. I got this from my folks' yard years ago- I'm not sure if it's a climber or a rambler, but it's not a bush!

This messy garden usually gets weeded before now, but I decided it is going away. I cannot keep up with the grass anymore. I think I will leave the spring bulbs there, and J can just mow them down after they bloom. I have to move 3 clumps of day lilies, some irises and some hollyhock mallows before too long though.

I also moved some hostas from out back to either side of our barberry bush. And yes, those should have been divided at the same time, but I once again said to heck with it.

The plants in the pots are my .50 clearance pansies and allysum from Lowe's. I didn't plan on buying them today, but how could I pass on that price? $3.00 for 36 perfectly good plants.

Oh, for any readers who have wondering why Ameranth has not updated her blog, she has not had the internet for the last few days. One person she stayed with in Syracuse had wireless, but had no clue how to let someone else access it. She got a couple of short rides with friendly folk, and assured me that she didn't accept rides from just anyone and had in fact turned someone down that day, Mom.

Camping in rain showers last night along the canal trail, she heard many coyotes yipping and howling, but Anna was not interested at all. Today was so hot that she carried Anna's pack most of the day, and let her wade in the water to cool off. Poor dog hasn't blown her winter coat yet, and does not like the hot, muggy weather they've had. 

She is a little more than halfway through her trip and getting used to carrying her pack and walking 7 to 10 miles per day. She calls every day so we know where she is so that's been good. Thank goodness for cell phones! Tonight she is sleeping in a dance studio which belongs to a nice lady, so she should be comfortably dry while getting her rain fly in the same condition.

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knitwit said...

Those trellises look great. Here's hoping the plants climb them--looking good so far!