Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Know what this is?
This came with it:
From Shoeshine to Ameranth:

Right- We ended up with Ameranth's gift wrapping paper from Christmas. Why? Because unlike her other stuff that we have here, we can use this. The paper and card are handmade paper impregnated with flower seeds. The back of the card says there are 14 types of annual and perennial seeds in it and to cover it with a light layer of soil and keep moist, with 1-3 weeks for germination.

Shoeshine is the production manager at Bloomin' in Boulder CO and his gifts are always wrapped in good stuff. I planted our paper and the card today so we'll see what comes up. One piece of it is from the Christmas before last, but I think they will still sprout. My biggest problem was getting every bit of paper hidden so my hens don't scratch it up. It's getting close to the time they have to stay in their pen anyway.

*Full disclosure- I don't get anything for mentioning Bloomin' except a lot of satisfaction!

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In Real Life said...

Neat! I sent my mother-in-law, who is a fabulous gardener, one of those types of cards. I think they are the greatest idea!