Monday, May 24, 2010

We can shower again

Actually, we were able to take showers Sunday evening which was the plan. J's plan was to be done Saturday, but he is an optimist, silly man. This was our weekend.

This is what we started with- old panels covering up old walls. Then we got down to older walls, and old wallpaper.
Behind that wallpaper is a curved wall, and our computer room is on the other side. The wall curves to allow a doorway into the living room, which wouldn't otherwise fit (the door that is), due to our chimney and heating vents. Pretty neat. I won't let J discuss removing that wall. 

The horsehair plaster is off the wall and we're ready to take out the old tub. In case anyone wonders, yes, there is real hair in that old plaster.

I think I mentioned that the tub is cast iron and weighs at least a couple hundred pounds? And that we have a really skinny bathroom?  

The inspector said we were good to go.

I would like to remind you that the dirt you see is debris that has rained down from the ceiling and walls, and not the normal state of affairs. 
With the aid of a handtruck, we got that through the living room and out the front door, where it is still sitting on our nice steps. J will get it to the scrap dealer later this week. He promised.

I started to sweep the floor after the tub was out and noticed a pattern to the dust. This was yucky- I had to get the yardstick because the size of this dead rodent skeleton needs to be seen to be believed.  The only good thing about this is that it is clearly ancient.  Imagine having that die under your tub, smelling it and having no way of getting rid of it!
J then did his plumbing magic and we replaced a bit of missing floor, and brought in the new stuff. 
Next weekend, we will finish off the upper walls and repaint.

Soon, we will redo the floor and install the new toilet, but we need to do some outdoor work too. We really didn't get to enjoy the sunny weekend we just had, although we enjoyed the sense of satisfaction we got from this job.


In Real Life said...

Wow! Fantastic job! It looks terrific!

Gross rodent skeleton remains! :)

Captain Dumbass said...

It must be nice to actually be able to do things with tools rather than just wonder what they do.