Friday, May 21, 2010

Weekend forecast

Busy, busy and more busy. We are planning to replace the bathtub and wall surround in our (one and only) bathroom this weekend. We have an old house and a tiny bathroom, so the tub alcove is just a bit smaller than standard.  I think we've found new stuff that will fit. J and I did replace the walls almost 15 years ago, but neither of us remember exactly what we found back there at that time. So we did some exploratory surgery.
This confirms that there is sheetrock back there, as well as boards to fill in the space between tub and studs. This probably means that we could have gotten the inch longer tub, but that would have made it wider as well. And we need to save every inch of floor space we can. If you notice, in the left of that picture is our door frame? The other side of the door is the end of the room. Thanks to my handy-dandy tape, I can tell you that is 38.5 inches.

And, I would like to point out that the rust is un-removable, not shoddy housekeeping. We installed a whole-house water conditioner since we have so much iron in our well water, but years of no conditioner has indelibly stained the tub.

We are picking up the materials we know we'll use today, and J plans a trip out tomorrow once we get the walls down and the tub out and know just what else we need.  Crossing our fingers that this has no nasty surprises for us and that we can shower by Sunday.

PS. This bathroom is one of the reasons I find those first-time home buyers on TV so laughable. They moan and groan about the size of their multiple baths, or that the master bath has just one sink or doesn't have granite. We had 4 kids, two of them girls, and one small bathroom. I grew up with one bathroom and 5 kids.  When the girls went to college, they couldn't believe how many kids never had to share a bath or bedroom before, and had no idea of common courtesies.

Anyways, this is way off track and I have to go. More pictures when we are done, she said optimistically.

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In Real Life said...

Good luck with your reno, I hope everything goes smoothly!