Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mr Crazy goes to the movies

 Ok, I had to do this.  J loves movies and has a Net.flix account. He has (often) watched the same movie twice and sometimes thrice, mostly by accident. However, as he says, if he liked it the first time, he likes it the second time around too.

He started sending reviews to Mr. C and Shoeshine, I believe. After Ms M pointed out that Mr C always had to read them to her, so why didn't she rate a copy, J has included us all on his list.  Tonight's was a good one (by that I mean his review, I know nothing about the movie) and I have to share.

 Here we go:
Ok, hang on to your shorts!   "NINJA ASSASSIN"  A must get movie for those that  like Ninjas.  Also for those that like a lot of blood and swords.  Good story line, well, for a ninja movie, and has a bit of romance in it to boot!. Too bad all the good girls die, but hey, that is what Ninjas do!  Kill and then ponder over a hot bed of coals about the girl that was supposed to be the one!  Poor Ninja, she is always the one that got away.  Or left, or met mister wonderful, you know the type, not into killing and such, well never mind I am getting off course.  So it is a good movie, lots of blood, guts and way, and I mean way! lots of swords!  And I want one of them.  Ok sue me.  But do get the movie, only a hr and some, not counting the silly adds and such, so yes, be a good 2 hrs, but a good watch and I would make lots of corn and bring the drinks cause you won't want to leave your seat!  Riveting  is too strong, so I will say, very very exciting if you like watching guys in black with knives kick the ass out of guys in white with guns.  It is a 5 guys and gals!

You gotta love him.


In Real Life said...

Too funny! That is the most interesting movie review I have ever read (and I don't like ninja!)

Captain Dumbass said...

I'll have to add it to the list.